Storage IT Solutions for Video Production Company

Today, IT has significantly impacted the film production and distribution. This is expressly in storage, an area which was very challenging for many production companies.  The advancement of technology has led to development of new storage solutions, which can be acquired for lower prices but still offer quality services.

Here are some of the storage IT solutions that GardnerProductions – video production company from Toronto recommends:

Solid State Drives (SSDs)

They are the ideal solutions for internal hard drives which can be used to run video processing apps. Even though these drives operate quickly with remarkable speeds, you will always need a drive which can handle constant transfer rates. The good thing with solid state drives is that they don’t have moving parts inside, and this reduces the chance of failure.

External Hard Drives

These are very useful especially when one is on location, and they require doing a quick footage dump. The only thing you need to keep in mind with these drives is their speed as well as the interface speed. Mobility is the greatest aspect of external hard drives.

The cloud

Nowadays, cloud storage is becoming cheaper as their storage size increases. However, cloud storage services are not perfect for housing full projects. They are well suited for backing up footage when on location as long as you have internet connections.

Linear Tape-Open (LTO)

LTO is the most preferred choice for archiving and backing up projects. The main reason behind this is that these drives last longer compared to traditional hard drives and data can be recovered much easier in case of a malfunction.

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