What is Healthcare IT?

Healthcare IT or healthcare information technology is a part of IT which involves designing, developing and maintaining information systems for the healthcare industry. The information systems, which are usually interoperable and automated, are expected to improve medical care, reduce healthcare costs, improve efficiency, reduce error and improve patient experience.

Healthcare IT includes:

Electronic health records or EHRs

Your doctor will always keep the records of your health information. This includes your health history and the medications you take. Today, some doctors still store this information in paper files.
EHRs, on the other hand, are electronic systems that store your health information.

These systems allow doctors to keep track of your health information and it also enables them to access the information in case of an emergency the offices are closed.

EHRs have also made it easy for doctors to share patient information with specialists and other parties who require your information. Some EHRs also allow the patients to log into hospital web portals, and view their medical records, lab results, treatment plans and communicate with their doctor.

Personal health records or PHRs

A PHR is similar to an EHR. However, the patient controls the kind of information which goes into it. A PHR can be used to keep track of information from doctor visits, and it can also reflect your life outside the doctor’s office.  It can also show your life priorities, like monitoring your food intake, blood pressure, blood sugar and exercises. Your PHR can also be linked with your doctor’s EHR.


Sometimes, paper prescriptions can be misread or misplaced. However, e-prescribing allows your doctor to communicate directly with your pharmacy. This means that that you don’t require a paper prescription when picking up medicine from your pharmacy.

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